Kindly read below the following terms and conditions before you sign up to our services. Failure to follow these instructions or reading of our terms and conditions maybe at your own risk.


This platform is a freelance platform and it is use to provide the bridge for freelancers, unemployed people and whoever with handyworks to take the opportunity of this platform and provide services to the people in need of it.

No one as a user is been charged by the administration of CITIFIX for whatsoever usage of this platform.


The platform as mentioned above under the basic terms was created for people to meet and transact businesses and as such certain directives must be enforced and followed.

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Upload your detailed information which includes your phone number, address, email, personal or company picture.

Failure to follow the above information would not permit you to get your profile been displayed on our site

Inappropriate pictures such as racism, pornographic materials, violent, impersonation of people images would not be entertained on the platform and this could get your account been suspended.

Users should provide an accurate information of themselves whenever registering on this platform

No user should use this platform to fraud any one that uses this platform


Citifix as a company distance itself from any transactions or business deals you have with any freelancer and we assume that you have done your necessary checks before someone is allowed to your homes.

This platform only provides you the bridge to connect with freelancer you might seek for their service and it is free to use.

Users should beware of fraudsters and no dealings or payment of cash should be done without any work done or been met face to face.


Personal information provided on such as pictures, address phone number etc is kept secret between the company and the user.

No user information would be made available to anyone in whatsoever the case may be except user violates the laws of the country he or she is a citizen to.

When there is a warrant from an appropriate office of the law where he or she is citizen to.